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How to download Kik Messenger for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

Kik for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 is an online messaging application but extra fast than other messenger applications. Let me take you to the installation process of android applications on PC/Windows 7, 8, 10 with some amazing techniques but first, let’s discuss a short overview of Kik application and its amazing features.


Kik is the fastest messaging application that is totally free of cost. While using this messenger, you won’t need any phone numbers to text All you need to do is to just select a username and Tap on send option. Its the easiest way of connecting with your friends and family online so stay in the loop.

Kik facilitates you in connecting with your Loved ones through conversations via Wifi network connection. Kik enables users to send and receive messages for totally free of cost but with a reliable internet connection in seconds. Furthermore, Users can install the best communication android application on PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 by following this entire article. you can also consider SOMA messenger for PC, Mac, Windows 7, 8, 10 – FREE DOWNLOAD in replacement of Kik messenger.

kik for pc

The procedure of Installing Kik for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

If you are searching for the fastest android emulator to run Kik on PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 then I am suggesting you use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a large android emulator and you may suffer from problems related to the installation process or any unlikely speed issues on your PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 then please have a look at another alternative best android emulator.

→How to Download and Use Bluestacks

Look at the process to avoid any problem during the running process. I will also take you to the whole procedure step-by-step.

→Download and Install Bluestacks

∴ In order to Install and run  Bluestacks,

You may search for Bluestacks by writing in any browser. Click on the Download option in order to download the World-class android emulator Bluestacks and the downloading process will immediately start.

After the downloading process is finished,

Now Search for the .exe file in your Laptops/Windows 7, 8, 10/PC’s folder that is named by downloads and installs the file of best emulator Bluestacks from there.

Downloading Bluestacks

Run the Bluestacks’ raw file by reading the instructions of the instructor. This process will take some time to wait until the completion of the process.

→Configuration of Bluestacks

The downloading process of android emulator Bluestacks is completed,

It will start automatically. If it doesn’t start, you can also start it yourself from your PC’s main screen. The Bluestacks emulator will take you to the google play store where it will ask for your active Gmail ID.

Configuration of bluestacks

Put your active Gmail ID in a dialogue box in order to activate the best Bluestacks’ android emulator. If your Gmail acc previously connected with your PC/Laptops/Windows7, 8, 10 then just click “sign-in” to activate the Bluestacks’ android emulator. You can also backup your old data easily just by signing in with your old Gmail account.

Installing Android applications

Open the main screen of Bluesatcks android emulator and browse for the Kik messenger that you need to use. It works the same as the Google play store works on mobile devices like android. It will search the Kik messenger application for you, Install the Kik messenger application by just tapping on install.

searching for applications on bluestacks

With an aim to save the Kik messenger,

Go to the main screen of Android emulator Bluestacks’. Tap on the Kik messenger application and select the option “SEND” with an aim to send it to Laptop/PC. Otherwise, Bluestacks will also restore a Kik messenger application on the Mac/PC’s main screen itself.

→Nox App Player:

Tap on an android emulator that is bignox with the aim to download the Big NOX android emulator.

It acts similar to android emulator Bluestacks. It only covers lesser space than android emulator Bluestacks. Furthermore, the installation process is similar.

→Download Kik Messenger APK File:

APK file method totally depends on your choice and this method will only be used by you if you will want to install an android application which is not available by Google authors on Google play store and those also which were previously available by Google on application store but due to some problems and of course Google’s privacy policy, terms/ conditions removed by Google.

Tap on the Kik messenger’s APK in order to use the Kik messenger.

Once the installation process is Completed/finished, Open the Best Android emulator that is Bluestacks and select the “upload APK” option.

Once the Kik messengers’ APK file is finished with uploading on Bluestacks Android Emulator,

Install Kik messenger application from there. It will further restore it on your Laptop/PC’s main screen after downloading and installing. You can also drag the Kik messenger’s APK file and drop on Bluestacks’ android emulator, install it and without further uploading of the APK file.


  • You can easily choose with whom you want to chat by one-on-one feature.
  • You can also create groups of your family and friends so everyone will be able to chat at one time.
  • It enables you to share pictures, videos, Gifs, games, and more.
  • You will meet new friends from your interest.

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