How To Download iVMS-4500 for PC [ Windows 10/Mac ]

In this post, I will tell you all about the best CCTV client available on Android named iVMS-4500. Moreover, I will also tell you how you can download iVMS-4500 for PC Windows 10 & Mac.

IP cameras are playing an important role globally. Unlike CCTV (analog closed-circuit television), IP camera( Internet protocol camera) is a digital video camera, they only require LAN (Local area network) rather than local recording devices. Webcams are a well-known example of IP cameras. IP cameras are basically those, that can be directly accessed over a network connection and used for surveillance only.

In-built alarm feature IP cameras require the support of central NVR (network video recorder) which you can say a Centralized manner whereas others can work in a Decentralized manner because the camera is able to record directly to any local media. The first Centralized IP camera was developed in 1996 whereas the first Decentralized IP camera was developed in 1999.


iVMS is basically a software to manage your IP camera. You don’t need a network video recorder to store, record or view your cameras. iVMS works on windows and allows users to monitor one or more of their surveillance cameras at a time.

iVMS-4500 is software designed for mobiles works on android version 4.0 or more. It can be used to monitor the live video from the implanted NVR, network cameras, DVR (Digital video recorder), etc via a wireless network. iVMS-4500 also provides cloud services for managing your cloud account.

With this device, you can log on to the front end device via 3G and 4G. It can also manage to playback video files, manage pictures and videos locally store, alarm notification, control alarm output and realize PTZ (pan tilt zoom camera) control. Furthermore, in case of unavailability of IP, Its accessible by using DDNS(dynamic domain name server). DDNS is a procedure of updating a domain name server automatically with the active DDNS configuration of its configured hostnames, addresses or other information.

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A function is following only for android version 4.0 and above.

  • Password protection

when password protection is enabled, only the user can access the software. The best and the main feature of iVMS-4500 because privacy is very important these days.

  • Alarm

Manage alarm notification and view the alarm information when the alarm mode is enabled.

  • Devices

It displays a device list by which users can modify, add, delete a device, view device information, remote controller, etc

  • Pictures and videos

It displays and manages local media such as videos, pictures, and files.

  • Cloud account

You need to register a cloud account, log into your cloud and manage your device by a cloud account.

  • playback

playback the video files stored in a device.

How to download iVMS-4500 for PC/MAC/WINDOWS 7, 8, 10

You can get the iVMS-4500 on the app store for your mobile phone. But if you want to download it on your PC, then follow the instructions below.

Downloading an Android Emulator

To download any application on your PC through the app store, you will be required to download an Android Emulator. We recommend you download Bluestacks. You can also download it from its official website Bluestacks Official Website.

Installing the Emulator

Once the emulator’s raw file is downloaded, you can now install the emulator on your PC. Run the file to start the installation process. You will be guided to the installation process through the software instructor. It may take time to extract files so be patient.

Error During Installation

In case an error occurs, it may be due to a lack of RAM or the interference of the antivirus software (if you use any). To avoid error, free some storge or disable the antivirus software.


Now that the Bluestacks is downloaded, you can easily use it your PC. Bluestacks will open itself. If not, you can open it yourself. The emulator will navigate you to google play store. There you will be required to sign in using your Gmail address.

Installing iVMS-4500 for PC

Now that the Bluestacks is installed, you can use it to download any application on your PC. All you have to do is type iVMS-4500 on the search engine. The application will come up on your screen. Install and download it.

Locating the Application

To locate the application, go to the main page of your emulator. There you will find the installed app. You can also find it on your desktop main page.

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