How to Download Groove Mixer for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

Groove Mixer for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 is a beatmaker of different kinds of music. You can also create your own beats and mix the already created beats. It is an android application that is useful for smartphone devices. If you desperately want to install it on PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 then follow my article.


Groove Mixer is totally free of cost that lets you create your own beats in different ways. With piano rolls and drum machines, you can mix different beats and create beats. Mix all samples, create remixes and mix music, you will be able to record and create a song just by using your microphone.

It is created for those who make music on mobile phones but you can also use it on your PC if the screen of your smartphone is not enough. How to download Smule for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 is also music creation software that is famous across the world.

Groove mixer for pc

Top features of Groove Mixer

It is the best solution for those music composers who want to play hip hop, dubstep, house, and other musical slots. Groove mixer is a suitable music creation application that is pocket friendly. Groove Mixer can be your good friends in such a terrifying situation of the world.

Channel sequencer:

Groove Mixer’s each drum machine has eight different step sequencer channels with piano rolls. You can easily manage and change notes’ pitch and velocity, muting channels, and panning. The drum pattern’s default time signature is 4/4. You can also change the grid settings to support 6/8, 2/4, etc.


It has a much easier process of learning. Anyone who has an interest in learning drums and music mixers can easily learn them with one and only Groove Mixer. It is useful to sketch music rhythm everywhere. It is a kind of game of music for beginners and music studios for professionals.

Different Music Genres

You can make different genres of music with one and only Groove Mixer which makes this application amazingly versatile. You can make rock songs, hip hop, traps and many more. It doesn’t limit you with one genre but allows you to make songs of different genres. You can make music on the guitar, piano, and drums.

The installation process of Groove Mixer for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

Groove Mixer s an android application that is used to create Beats and also mix music beats with one another with the drum machine and piano rolls. Mix samples, make music and create remixes. You can record instrumental songs with the help of microphones.

It would also be so easy to create music of your choice on the laptop’s big screens. But how it is possible to download android applications on Laptops?

→Download and Install Bluestacks

When we think of running Android applications on PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10, Android emulators pop on our minds. Android emulators are the source of using android applications on Laptops. There are hundreds of android emulators but as I experienced that Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators.

If you feel trouble in downloading Bluestacks then I must say to watch on the Nox android emulator.

 In order to Install and run  Bluestacks,

We were talking about the best emulator that is Bluestacks. To download it on your PC, Search for by using a search engine and its official website will appear. Tap on Download Bluestacks.

After the downloading process is finished,

Go to the official website of Bluestacks and tap on Download Bluestacks so it will start downloading automatically. When you see that the downloading completes, search for the .exe file of Bluestacks and select the raw file for running procedure.

Downloading Bluestacks

When you run the raw .exe file of Android emulator Bluestacks, it will automatically start loading.

→Configuration of Bluestacks

The downloading process of android emulator Bluestacks is completed,

If you are an android user, you are well-known aware of the registration process of the playstore. You will always need an active Gmail account to use playstore services. When you run the Bluestacks’ raw file, It will open itself after completion of the running process.
Configuration of bluestacks

You must add your Gmail account initially to logged in to the Bluestacks android emulator. If you don’t have a Gmail account, get yours done through the Google signup option.

Installing Android applications

When you complete the requirements of adding an active Gmail account, You will search for the Groove Mixer application by using the search dialogue box option. When the emulator shows you the desired application tap on the install option.

searching for applications on bluestacks

With an aim to save Groove Mixer,

When you are fully done with installing this amazing application on your Laptops, you will automatically see that installed application on the Bluestacks android emulator’s main screen. If you want to get this from your desktop then tap on the application and send it to desktop.

→Download Groove Mixer APK File:

APK file method is very useful only when you need to download any application that is removed by Google or not available on Google play store from the very first day. In such cases, you will consider this method. I will guide you on the whole APK procedure so stay here.

Tap on the Groove Mixer’s APK in order to use the Groove Mixer.

You will search for Groove Mixer’s APK file by using a search engine such as google chrome. I want you to download the APK file from the links suggested by the search engine or you can also get the desired APK link from our website. Run the downloaded APK link.

Once the Groove Mixer’s APK file is finished with uploading on Bluestacks Android Emulator,

After completion of every step of running a raw APK file, Upload on android emulator Bluestacks. You can also upload the raw APK file by dragging the raw file and dropping on emulator Bluestacks. Install the Groove Mixer application and send it to desktop.



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