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In the world of technology, everybody knows about VPN but if you don’t know Here is the little introduction to VPN and its basic function. VPN( virtual private networks) is a technology that allows users to browse any site without any restrictions and provides fake IP addresses and different country servers of your own choice. There is so many VPN’s application that works the same and supports different countries around the world.

Today, we are discussing the gecko VPN for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8,10. As I said earlier, Gecko falls under VPN’s category which provides free and fast unlimited and free of cost VP’s services. It offers secure and trustworthy VPN connections to avoid network restrictions. It keeps you anonymous while browsing and let no one know the real you. It basically hides your identity and provides you fake identity and services to restricted countries.

In order to use gecko VPN, Install gecko VPN from play store and after installation, open the application and tap on connect option. If it shows any permission requests, Tap allows. Wait a while to establish the connections then browse freely.

If you want to download and use an android application such as gecko VPN which is also an android application then you are at the right place. Follow the article and read it thoroughly to know the whole procedure but first let me give you a little know-how of its benefits.

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Geckovpn for pc


Gecko Vpn is a simple and effective application that provides you safe and fast browsing. Some features of Gecko VPN defined below which will help you in develop an understanding of this application.

  • Own servers: It has its own servers that are customized to a specific task of issuing safety and fake IP addresses according to different countries to users. The user feels safety and security while browsing with activated VPN. It has the support of around 14 countries with hundreds and thousands of different IPs. Same like Fake GPS, it makes people think that you are in a different country which is a basic characteristic of safety.
  • Restricted Websites: Some websites are confined to specific countries and if you are not in one of those particular countries, it stops you from the access of the website. Vpn provides you with the authority to access from fake Ip and country names, No matter how strong the restriction is.
  • Unlimited use time: This application is free of cost totally. As we know most of the VPN applications are premium ones and you require to pay for using those applications But gecko VPN is the fastest and best application that requires not a single $ from you.
  • Process of activation: Go to your app store and search for Gecko VPN through the search bar. After installation, Open the application and tap on the activate option and select for the craved country according to your choice. It will right away assign you fake IP with a country name and hides your private information. Now your VPN is activated, start safe browsing with Gecko VPN on the internet without any fear of viruses or hackers, etc.

How to download Gecko VPN for PC/WINDOWS 7 8 9 10/MAC

Finally, The wait is over without wasting a single second let’s talk about the procedure which I mentioned above. The first step to download any android application on your PC is to install an emulator. You are required to download android emulators on your PC before downloading any android application on your PC.

There are so many emulators but I suggest you download Bluestacks. With the help of this emulator, you can download any application on PC which you are currently using on your mobile. Bluestacks is quite a heavy emulator and maybe your PC won’t work with this. In such a case I have an alternative of Bluestacks named NOX. NOX works the same as Bluestacks. Now in the next paragraph, we will discuss the procedure to download the emulator on your PC.


  • We start with Bluestacks procedure than will go further to other methods which you can say alternatives.
  • Search Bluestacks in any search engine and download Bluestacks from there or if you are having a problem finding an official website of Bluestacks.
  • After completion of the downloading process, Search for the .exe file in your PC folder named as download and install Bluestacks. Once the installation completes, it will show you the main page of Bluestacks.
  • You can use this emulator by logging in with your active Gmail account. Search for gecko VPN by using the search bar and install the application. The application will automatically locate on your desktop main screen or you can get the installed application from BlueStack’s main screen too.

Nox App Player:

  • Tap on the bignox in order to download the NOX emulator. It works the same as Bluestacks. It just takes less space than Bluestacks. Further, the procedure is totally the same as Bluestacks.

Download gecko VPN APK File:

  • APK file method is totally different. You will use this method if you want to download any application which is not available on google play store and those also which were available on google store previously but due to Google’s privacy policy and terms and conditions removed by Google later on.
  • Tap on the link gecko VPN APK in order to download gecko VPN. After completion of the downloading process, Open the Bluestacks emulator and tap on the option “upload APK”.
  • Once the APK file is uploaded on Bluestacks install from there. It will locate on your desktop main screen after installation. You can drag and drop the APK file on Bluestacks and install it without uploading the APK file.


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