EagleEyes(Lite) for pc

Download EagleEyes(Lite) for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

AVTECH is a corporation that designed EagleEyes(Lite) for its valuable customers. EagleEyes(Lite) is a surveillance application that lets its users watch what is happening in front of their IP cameras. EagleEyes(Lite) for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 enables you to make use of its features through your PC/Windows 7, 8, 10. EagleEyes is an android application so you must follow the given steps in order to use EagleEyes(Lite) on Desktop.


First of all, EagleEyes(Lite) is only available for AVTECH corporation. It is very easy to use and convenient. EagleEyes(Lite) is an android application that is totally free of cost. It has so many powerful features with the design which is a user-friendly interface. It is a free business tool that allows you to manage all remote surveillance cameras by just using your smartphone and keep an eye on what is happening around your cameras while traveling all over the world.

All you need is a reliable internet connection EagleEyes(Lite) installed on your device. EagleEyes(Lite) is ideal for controlling your installed webcams and the videos recorded by your cameras. It is so powerful application that all the valued customers of AVTECH must have installed on their Windows/Android devices.

If you are an AVTECH customer and still unable to find it useful application than I suggest you to must consider an alternative application of EagleEyes that is How to download IPTV Smarters for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10. First, we going to discuss its features then we will definitely move forward towards the installation process of EagleEyes(Lite) on Windows/PC/Mac.

EagleEyes(Lite) for PC

Top features of EagleEyes(Lite)

Although EagleEyes(Lite) is an amazing application but it is quite limited in its reach to users. Its latest version only supports twenty devices. It does not support old manufactured devices. This application is best for you if you have an installed decent specific device.

  • EagleEyes(Lite) only works with specific devices such as AVTECH equipment. If you are not an AVTECH user then consider the application I mentioned above in order to manage your IP Cameras.
  • This application gives you sufficient features and consistent features in such an order and totally free version.
  • It has a premium version too so if you want to have full control at this application then you must pay 5$ in order to get its premium version. Setup is easy in either way.
  • If you have an active Gmail account then it is the best thing otherwise you can also use this application by putting little information of yours.
  • If you have used the AVTECH equipment before then this application is like an addition to your smartphone family.
  • It supports pan, tilt, and zoom control.
  • Supports push video.
  • It supports TCP/IP control.
  • It supports multi-channel switching monitor, NVR/DVR single.

The installation process of EagleEyes(Lite) for PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10

As I already told you that EagleEyes(Lite) is purely an android application that works only on mobile devices but I also said that EagleEyes(Lite) can also be used on PC/Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10 by following some steps. Hold on, I will let you know each and every detail of those steps that I’m going to apply right now so Follow up.

First of all, before going anywhere let me tell you about the emulators. Android emulators are the basic medium that we are gonna use in order to install EagleEyes(Lite) on our device. If you dont have any knowledge of Android emulators, Android emulators basically provide you a full experience of Google play store for your Mac/Windows 7, 8, 10. You will obviously find hundreds of android emulators that serve on the web but I personally experienced that Bluestacks is the best of all.

Open any of your web engine and search for Bluestcks. The engine will navigate you to the official site of Bluestacks. Top on the ” Download Bluestacks” So the process of downloading will automatically start.

When the process of downloading Bluestacks file completes, Go to your Downloads folder situated in your desktop and search for .exe file of Bluestacks. Select the run option. When the running procedure finally finishes, Bluestacks will automatically open itself. Enter your active Gmail account details by using the account from which you want to open your Play store. After successfully opening of Google play store, search for the EagleEyes(Lite) application and tap on install. It will start installing. You can also save the EagleEyes(Lite) application on your Desktops’ main screen by clicking on the application and transferring it to PC’s main screen.

Download The EagleEyes(Lite) APK File:

EagleEyes(Lite) APK file method is very unique and optional. You will use this method only when you want to download The EagleEyes(Lite) application if it is removed by Google authorities, or due to any reason not available on Google app store from very initial. In such cases, If you are thinking of using this method. I will tell you know the whole APK method so stay here.

Tap on the EagleEyes(Lite)’s APK in order to use the EagleEyes(Lite) for PC.

You will search for EagleEyes(Lite)’s APK file by using any search engine such as Opera. Now download the EagleEyes(Lite) APK file by using the link that is suggested by Chrome. You can also get the EagleEyes(Lite)’s APK link from our site. Just run the EagleEyes(Lite) APK link of the EagleEyes(Lite).

Once the EagleEyes(Lite)’s APK file is finished with uploading on Bluestacks Android Emulator,

Once the steps of running a raw APK file of EagleEyes(Lite) application completed, Upload the installed EagleEyes(Lite) APK file on an android emulator Bluestacks. You can also upload the EagleEyes(Lite)’s raw APK file by the dragging process of the installed raw file of EagleEyes(Lite) and dropping that file on the Android emulator Bluestacks. Install the EagleEyes(Lite) application and send it to the window of your PC/Desktop.


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